Private-Label-Resell-Rights-Choosing-a-ProductI think one of peoples favorite excuses not to build a web or membership site is because they think they don’t have the content to put on it. Well I’m here to tell you that is no excuse whatsoever and there is a heap of content out there if you just want to look for it and it’s known as PLR, (Private label rights)..

There are a lot of Internet marketers who turn their noses up at PLR and I don’t have the slightest idea why because if it’s good quality and used correctly it can be a huge money spinner. (I love PLR) and those snobby marketer’s are missing out on a huge opportunity by letting it slip through their fingers..

Back in the day when I was running my health related membership sites, that’s what we sold, PLR and damned good quality stuff it was. (Which is why we did so well). Health is a huge niche and something some folks are sensibly reluctant to get involved with. Many of our customers who wanted to get into this niche liked the idea writing of their content was being overseen by a qualified nurse.

I’ll give you a typical example of really good PLR here

There are hundreds if not thousands of people who want to get into Internet Marketing but can’t because they don’t know the very basics of where to get started. So as soon as I saw the PLR for this content I just thought wow, I have the perfect domain for that to go on, checked it out, couldn’t believe the quality and bought both the frond end and the upsell.

Basically I bought the resale rights to everything on this site (even the sales page and the bonus) and I’ll be quite honest it sat on my hard drive for several months before I decided to get round to using it as I was busy with other projects.

A few weeks ago I decided to give myself a kick up the bottom and get myself motivated to completing it.

I got my VA Debbie to do the tedious stuff like setting the membership script up, uploading the videos and getting them all nicely sorted (mainly because she’s heaps better than me at that type of stuff) and I got on with tweaking the supplied sales page (which was dreadful and took me ages) I then went in and tweaked the membership pages to how I wanted them until finally we had it up and ready to launch.

Guess what, the whole thing (besides Debbie) cost me less than $100 🙂 and don’t forget, if you own the unlimited licence to EMP, once you’ve paid your initial unlimited license fee, any membership site you set up thereafter is just the cost of your domain name. (You can’t lose)..

I’ll give you a tip at this point.. 

If you ever do buy PLR to sell on which comes with everything you need to set up then individualize and look at ways to improve it. I’m always amazed at the laziness of people who buy PLR to stuff then don’t take the trouble to check it out or individualize it. You end up seeing the same crappy sales pages all over the net. (I might add here included sales pages are rarely any good despite the hype and are often littered with spelling and grammatical errors.)

It always makes me blink when I see a PLR sales page which hasn’t been edited or improved, What where they thinking?

For instance on the Newbie Network..

I had my own graphics guy design my header and footer and I rewrote the atrocious sales page, (using the old one as a template). I kept the graphics that came with the course as I liked them and I didn’t see the point in changing the name of the course.

To be honest another reason I didn’t change the name of the course was because I didn’t want anyone to join up who already had access to these video’s, what’s the point of inviting refunds?

Total cost was about $175 and about 8 hours rewriting the sales page…

Not bad for something I can now sell for a one off charge of $37 per member. I already have 200 members in there though admittedly not all of them are fee payers, and because its a one off payment, I don’t have to worry about adding extra content. (though I will)..

It’s a membership site that’s now built and will probably bring me a couple of hundred dollars a month in at least and I don’t have to worry about it any more.


If you’re stuck for content but have an idea of what you would like to sell have a look round for some good quality PLR because there is plenty of it about among the dross.

I’m sorry but you just don’t have any excuse whatsoever for not getting your site up and running..



    4 replies to "Stuck for a product to sell? (then use PLR)"

    • John Koen

      Hi Kim,

      That’s a great use of PLR! I have to admit, I bought the same PLR package and I still haven’t put it up on a membership site. I have a few ideas for domain names and how I will package it, but it’s all still sitting on my hard drive.

      Thanks for the reminder to put some of that PLR to use.



    • kimstanderline

      You want to get on with it John

      That membership site is proving really popular already
      Huge files though and a nightmare to upload


    • Pauline

      Hi Kim,

      You have inspired me to sort through my hard drive and see what I have.

      I have just reached the product making stage in Partnership to Success, maybe I can use something I already have. I will, of course, follow the instructions that John is giving us but once I have decided on a product to create I can see if I have anything useful and up to the job.

      Thanks for this post Kim.

      Take care
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    • kimstanderline

      Sounds like a plan Pauline, I love PLR

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