Is there isn’t any..

Have you ever noticed how many IM products are sold under the premise of revealing THE LATEST BIG SECRET?


…There aren’t any real secrets to IM. There’s simply the stuff you know and the stuff you don’t know yet.

And that’s about it, honest..

If there is a secret, it’s as plain as day and hidden right underneath your nose. In fact, you’ve seen it a hundred times or more. Maybe even a thousand times. Because it’s the “secret” to BIG BIG BIG money.

But then like I said, it’s not really a secret.

Can you guess what it is?

Build a tribe, and that’s about it. Build a following, a tribe of people who like and trust you.

Contact them in social media, on your blog and through your list. Be their advocate, their champion and also their guy or gal next door. A person they can relate to and trust.

Find out what they want, be one of them. Like and love them. Then sometimes send them dynamite offers they will buy because they trust you.

Next, create your own products. Your own brand. Your own everything.

Build an empire, have a fleet of products and a name people know and love.

But start it all by deciding exactly who your tribe is, and then focus focus focus on finding and growing your tribe.

Don’t get distracted by the crap.

Focus on building your tribe and being their “go-to” person with all the great info and insight, the guy next door who is just like them is sharing with them.

This is the “secret” to becoming a success online, and it’s not rocket science..

Anyone – ANYONE – can do this.

Especially YOU.

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