Of all the resell types on the market the most profitable is PLR. It allows you to sign your name to the material as if you are the author, put your company links throughout the content, and make the product appear to be all your own. It’s a great business model that I’ve used for many years.

There are three main types of PLR content, so let’s have a look at them…

#1 PLR E-books and Articles

PLR e-books and articles have been around for a long time. Not only are they the most popular PLR choice they are by far the most efficient and offer an opportunity for significant revenue when used properly. E-books can range in length from 20 to 50 pages or even more. They are an effortless product when it comes to marketing, and they are often sold through a pre-made sales page or website. When a decent sales letter is used they can become highly appealing and the resell value can be high.

E-books and articles are the number one choice in PLR content. They can be used in a number of ways. You can convert e-books into articles, whilst you can take a set of articles and convert them into an e-book. This content can be used in any way you wish, including newsletters and blogs.

#2 PLR Scripts

Scripts are software, which can be used on websites. They can be extremely versatile and much more convenient than traditional software. I like to buy PLR software then get my coder to fiddle with the source code so it does exactly what I want. I then usually end up with a different product for pennies on the dollar.

There are a number of sites offering PLR scripts and the price is usually quite good. Decide what you want then scout round for something that’s being sold with PLR rights. If you can then find a coder who can make some adjustments to it, then even better.

#3 PLR Software Products

When you find a top-notch PLR software product it’s always worth investing in it. Having said that, make sure you’re going to use it before you buy, otherwise it can become an expensive addition to your desktop. Most PLR software has a higher resell value than other forms of PLR content.

Always do your research before investing in PLR software and ensure it’s relatively bug free. Also that it comes with customer support and knowledge bases, and provides an excellent choice for a niche market.

Don’t forget, you can often use the source code from some software products as a basis for another. Obviously ensure you check out your usage terms before doing so.

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