There are many PLR websites where you can buy PLR material.

Some offer memberships and in exchange offer articles for just pennies a piece. Others charge you a fee per article with no restricting memberships.

The key is to look around and find a site you feel is offering the best value for your money. Make sure you can see samples of the writing skills offered, no point in spending your money on cheap content you can’t use.

I love PLR content membership sites, again some PLR providers offer to a limited number of people, while other PLR providers offer unlimited access. There are some fantastic PLR membership sites out there..

While you don’t get exclusive rights with the limited offer, the fewer members accessing content the less exposure of that content. I’ve used this method when selling PLR with great success. However articles bought from sites offering unlimited access should be fine, after all, you’re hopefully going to mostly rewrite each article so it becomes yours exclusively..

Private label rights material is available for just about any category you can think of, whether its acne, dogs, finance, or gardening. You can quickly and easily find exactly what it is you need just by quickly searching on Google or another search engine. I bought some on caravans the other day for a website I want to sell with some content). I just googled caravan PLR articles and found some really cheap ones that were fine for what I needed.

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