Here’s something to tell yourself next time you’re agonizing over your new software… 

Done is better than perfect.
Done is better than perfect.
Done is better than perfect.

It’s better to get it done and up and running than to try to get it absolutely perfect.

To be honest I’d have taken completely the opposite stance several years ago. I was a bit of a perfectionist (I still am up to a point) and wouldn’t have dream’t of uploading anything I didn’t think was absolutely spot on.

Action is key – if you’re not taking action, you’re not getting results. I remember when we first launched EasyMemberPro back in 2007 we beta tested it like crazy before we launched it and thought we’d cracked all the bugs etc. It was only when we launched we realised the extent of gremlins still in the system. I nearly had heart failure.

We’d had a pretty huge launch, folks were desperately waiting for our product, (We’d really tapped into a desperately needed niche) and it had bugs..

Newsflash.. Software will always have bugs that need ironing out.

And guess what, yes people were disappointed and a some were really peed off and wanted a refund, (who could blame them), but we got our act together and sorted those pesky bugs as they came up. We were also all ears to what folks wanted from the software, (we still are), and if it was feasible then it was added. EMP has gone from strength to strength over the years..

Even the huge companies such as as Microsoft, Apple etc don’t get all their bugs ironed out straight away. But as long as you get them sorted ASAP, and they are not too major, then go for it. You’d maybe be surprised at how some folks are really understanding about stuff like this because they are used to it.

The problem lies when you don’t act quickly enough to sort them out..

Get everything sorted, then you can change your mantra to “Perfect it as you go.”

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