Here’s an AWESOME idea some people are already using to create websites worth lots of $$$. 

1. Choose a topic people love. If you enjoy it as well, then so much the better It could be cute puppies, the latest pop star, cage wrestling, whatever you like. (Make sure there is a market for it though)…

2. Create a WordPress site. If you don’t know how, don’t let that stop you, hire someone to set it up for you, add a decent theme and any plugins you need. It shouldn’t take them long and it should be extremely affordable. Try fiverr if you don’t know anyone to do it for you. (Make sure whoever you choose is reputable though).

3. Add an autoresponder and offer to send them the latest videos on the subject you chose. (You’ll really be sending them links back to your website to see the latest videos you uploaded.)

4. Find the best YouTube videos in this particular niche. You’ll need to do some searching, since YouTube results can be a tad flaky. But that’s a good thing, because it means your website will become a more reliable source for videos on this particular topic than YouTube is.

5. Post the videos to your site on a frequent basis. Do you see why this needs to be a topic you’re interested in? You’ll be watching these videos to make sure they’re good enough for your website. And you’re posting often to keep people returning. If you’re not remotely interested in the subject it could get a tad boring..

6. Attract fans through a Facebook fan page. If you’re not familiar with doing this, get some training – it’s easy and a fast way to build a fan base for your video website.

7. Build a loyal (dare we say passionate?) following of people who know YOU have the best videos on this particular topic. If you picked a good niche and you’re providing great videos, your work in building a passionate following is already halfway done.

8. Place advertising on your site to monetize it (Amazon? Clickbank anyone?) Don’t go crazy with advertising because you don’t want it to look like a garbage crappy website, (remember less is more). Just something to get some money coming in and increase the value of your website.

9. Build your following for a few months

10. Sell the website for thousands of dollars, then rinse and repeat. The visitors you have, the email list you build, and the revenue your site generates all contribute to your website’s value. Obviously, in all three cases, the bigger the better.

How much can you get? If you’ve followed all the steps, you should get at least several thousand dollars, if not a great deal more.

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    • igor Griffiths

      Kim, thanks for this great advice. It may just save one of my unused Facebook pages from being closed down to a lack of use!

      Now as you point out, all I need to do is find the relevant youtube content and roll it across to a WP site.

      sleep maybe again about to become over rated!! 🙂

      igor Griffiths recently posted…How to Connect with OthersMy Profile

    • kimstanderline

      Pleased you enjoyed it Igor, BTW, it’s about time we had a meetup

    • Susan Rosin

      Kim – really liked this post. Lots of interesting info on YouTube. Bonus P2S ad is also good looking!

      Susan (fellow P2S’er)

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