Anyone who has known me for any length of time will know I’m a huge fan of great quality PLR

Private label rights articles or PLR articles are an excellent way to add practical, functional, interesting content that’s search engine friendly towards your website.

If you’re building a lot of sites you’ll need a lot of articles or if you are writing a blog you’ll usually need a significant amount of content so PLR is a great way to go.

Writing content and articles is time consuming, tiresome and boring. Trying to do all the necessary research can be almost impossible if you’re trying to do it all on your own. You can hire writers through sites like Guru, vWorker or Elance. However, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds mainly because it can take time to find a writer you like, not to mention the associated cost. Good writers can charge a premium rate. $5 dollar articles are often written by someone who has English as a second language (and it shows), or it’s not unique.

So let’s look at other solutions because this is where PLR articles come in.

There are tons of websites offering PLR articles out there and they can cost as little as 15 cents per article. (That’s a great buy)! There’s just one teeny problem. you don’t want to use the same content as thousands of others using the same PLR content as you, the solution though is easy, you just rewrite it. It drives me crackers when I see folks just copy and pasting PLR because it’s lazy and it’s sloppy.

Rewriting it gives you a much better result over the long term. When you rewrite PLR, you tweak the article and optimise it much better for the search engines. Even just tweaking it a tad means you end up with a more unique piece of work.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to rewrite then you can still improve it by adding a brief intro and commentary at the end. Some folks swear by article spinners, however I’ve never used one of these as I’ve heard the finished article is usually a load of rubbish.

As a webmaster you need to mainstream as many tasks as you can. You have only so much time and growing your websites as well as adding new site continuously is time consuming. Tools (and they are a tool), like PLR content frees up time for other projects.

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    • Pete Bentzen

      Hi Kim, I have also started to use PLR articles, re-written by myself, this is a huge time saver, and more than anything for me, it helps with gaining ideas.

      I have tried a spinner, supposedly one of the best, but have not ever got results that I am prepared to post. So far that has not worked for me at all.

      Thanks for the great post!

    • kimstanderline

      I’ve never met one yet Pete that works as promised.
      The english language is unique, I doubt anyone at any time will invent something good enough to emulate it 🙂

    • Kelly

      I’ve tried article spinners and gotten some really crazy results. I’m just discovering PLR.

    • Ian McKay

      I’ve thought about using PLR before, however, I haven’t ried it yet. Can anyone suggest a decent spource of good quality PLR?

      • kimstanderline

        I’d look out for offers from people like Paul Counts, Ed Loh, John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson etc. If you ever see one you fancy, shoot me a line and I’ll check it out for you Ian

    • Ian McKay

      Okay, cheers Kim; and, thank you for your kind ‘vetting; offer. Where would you suggest I should look for these?

      • kimstanderline

        Lots of decent PLR membership sites out there Ian, Also look out for decent offers from well knowm marketers such as ED Loh, John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson etc

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    • Jorgeboape

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