Whilst I like to talk mainly about e-product and affiliate marketing on my blog, (after all I’m an internet marketer). There is an entirely different realm of online marketing you might fancy considering.

Drop shipping. Or in other words, selling real, tangible products without ever having to touch or ship them yourself.

In theory it’s simple: You take the orders for the products, forward them on to the drop shipper, who then sends the product to your customer for you. The difference between what you charge the customer and what you pay the drop shipper is your profit.

In reality, you’re basically competing against the big boys (Amazon, for example) unless you carve out your own super targeted niche. For example, if you become the online authority for a certain product category, then hopefully your followers/readers will turn to you for your recommendations thus buying from you.

Another problem may be finding the right type of companies to work with. Not because they’re scarce, but for precisely the opposite reason. There are just so many of them it can be difficult to know who to trust.

That’s why you you should check drop shippers listing services, such as these…


Or simply Google “drop shipping” and begin doing your own research.

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