I’ve been online for a good number of years, and in that time as an affiliate, I’ve sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of other peoples products.

I’ve got to admit, I’m not as prolific with affiliate marketing as I used to be back in the day, though I still get hit on at least several times a week to promote other peoples stuff. Many of those ‘hitters’ are well known marketers and I’ll be honest, I’m quite chuffed some of my old marketing friends think I still have it in me to promote their stuff.

I have no problem whatsoever in anyone asking me to promote a product, but there is a degree of etiquette involved and I’m going to share with you what some marketers are doing wrong when recruiting affiliates and will practically guarantee you’ll be refused, not just by me, but by other potential affiliates.

For a start..

I don’t subscribe to the throw it all at them and hope some of it sticks and makes sales theory. Therefore, I want access to your product so I can assess it thoroughly and decide whether it will fit my list or not. Yeah I guess I won’t make as much money not promoting all and sundry, but at least I can sleep at nights knowing I haven’t recommended a crap product.

I was going to say you wouldn’t believe some of the crap I’ve been asked to promote, but there again, maybe you would. My reputation is important to me, I’ve turned down a lot more JV requests than I’ve accepted mainly because I think the product either stinks or I don’t think it will be an evergreen product. I don’t want someone coming to me later and saying how disappointed they are with me because I let the thoughts of a few sales cloud my judgement.

I want to be able to login and test drive your product. Not granting me access or just showing me a few images of the membership homepage etc doesn’t cut it. You’ve asked me to promote your product, I certainly don’t expect to have to pay to do so. (As I was asked to do recently). If you’re asking people to promote for you, then you’ve got to give them full access to your product, no buts or maybe’s, it’s a given..

I’m desperately protective about my list and only ever and I mean ever, promote something I like and I think is going to be useful. This means probably 9.9% of the time, I refuse to promote anything I’m offered so please don’t take offence if I say no.

I can’t be bothered to sit and send out endless emails. (I have a life believe it or not), so I expect the vendor to have done much of the work for me on his JV page. Having said that, I only ever take ideas from pre-written emails. Dontcha just hate getting those barrages of emails all saying the same thing.

Make sure your JV page contains everything your potential affiliate needs to promote your product. This includes email swipes images and everything else you think will be needed.

I expect to be kept updated, us affiliates are competitive so and so’s and we all like to see our names on a leader board.

I could go on, but I’ve just found a blog post I wrote back in 2015 about affiliate mistakes, so thought I’d post it here rather than writing it all out again.

The 6 Worst Affiliate Mistakes You’re Making.


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    • David Wakeman

      Hello Kim,

      This is really good information. I can only imagine how that must feel to have people send you a request to promote and not provide any access to the product so you can review.

      As a relatively new marketer, I am looking for best practices and this is one that I will definitely keep in mind.

      Thanks so much.


    • kimstanderline

      Your very welcome David, I look forward to seeing your first product.

    • Robert Mason

      Hi Kim

      Great advice, as always. I remember you in the ‘old’ days – your health PLR – and your rather sexy avatar!!

      I was very pleased to receive an email from Glenn Leader last week – do you remember his SLOB software?

      I often think about him – and how his very creative software could give me a real advantage in the IM market place!! He is coming back to life – and I look forward to promoting his excellent work.

    • Vitamixglx

      One of the most skilled calligraphers

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