Here’s an interesting article I found by chance the other day. It really made me wonder if I’m doing things the wrong way with my dormant sites. I do know it’s got me off my bum and doing something with them instead of leaving them in limbo.

I’ve got a lot of  dormant sites where I’ve just thrown up the easymemberpro script onto them or wordpress and just left them until I get round to doing something with them.

After reading this article it made me worry whether they would be classed as a thin affiliate site, so I’ve started putting some content on them.

It might be an idea to check some of your own domains out and give them the beady eye and make sure Google isn’t looking at them and giving them the thumbs down.

Let me know how you get on…


    5 replies to "Are You A Thin Affiliate…"

    • Mel cater

      Good point, i have half a dozen domains ive purchased in the last year and done nothing with.better get on to it .

      • kimstanderline

        It’s a good idea Mel
        With the solution I have in the pipeline, I’m hoping to get them actually working for me..

    • Di Gascon

      Have many dormant sites that are not working for me 😐 Can’t wait for the solution you have in the pipeline 🙂

    • kimstanderline

      Hoping to have it ready shortly Di 🙂

    • jeffery steven stone

      It’s actually a cool and helpful bit of data. I’m happy that you imparted this accommodating data to us. If you don’t mind stay us exceptional like this. Much obliged to you for sharing.

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