Have you ever confided your hopes and dreams to someone, just to have them say something like, ‘Yeah well , it’s all well and good, but you’ve got to be realistic about things, it’s a stupid idea’ etc.

Back in school, when I told my careers adviser I wanted to be a nurse, he laughed and told me I wasn’t clever enough and I’d be much more suited to shop work. If I’d listened to him I’d never have had the excellent career I’ve had over the last 43 years. I wonder where I’d have ended up? (Not that there is anything wrong with shop work I hasten to add).

If I’d listened to folks when I first started in IM back in 2002, I wouldn’t have achieved any of the success I’ve had online or made the money I did. I definitely wouldn’t have written the numerous books I’ve churned out. My parents and siblings were convinced I was turning into a scammer, especially when I started making money. Even now, my brother (who is very tech savvy), won’t believe you can make a legitimate income online. Luckily my husband and daughter believed I could do it..

I wonder if I’d ever have achieved anything in life if I’d listened to people. At least I can say if I was to die tomorrow, I’ve led a relatively interesting life, plus I’ve led it on my own terms. 

The actor Will Smith says the best thing you can do for yourself and your future success is to forget being realistic.

According to Will, flipping a switch and lighting up a room wasn’t realistic, but fortunately Edison didn’t care. Flying people across an ocean in bent steal wasn’t realistic either, but the Wright Brothers and other intrepid folks didn’t let it stop them.

Listen to Will from a few years ago sharing his secrets of success, it’s fascinating…

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    • Daniel Hanscom

      Great post, Kim. Excellent points about following your own vision and trusting that you can make it happen. Thanks for sharing.

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