Have you got a load of old domains you no longer use, or perhaps have never used? (I certainly have).

The problem with hanging onto old domains is it can get really pricey when it comes to updating them. So maybe it’s time to clean house and make some money at the same time.

I’ve decided to stop being sentimental about my domains and get rid of many of them, so it’s something I’m in the process of doing..

Here’s how to monetize your domains:

Go to one of the following websites


Create an account, add the domains you want to sell and choose your prices.

If the site you choose has a “featured” option, consider taking it, since the extra investment can substantially pay off.

Take offers, sell your domains and make some extra money.

Alternatively, (And this is what I’m going to do)..
Add some great content, graphics etc and sell your domains as a fully functioning business in a box. I’ve added EMP to the domains I’m going to get rid off, Gotten my fave graphics designer to do me some cool graphics and I’ll sell them as a business all set up and ready to go.

They will be worth a lot more then than just selling them as basic domains…

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