If you aren’t familiar with PLR (Private Label Rights), you need to be because they are one of the hottest things you can use for your business.

They can be used for lots of things such as:-

* Reports
* Documents
* e-Books
* Graphics
* Software

I’ve both used and produced PLR over the last few years with considerable success and you should be doing the same.

If you’d like to increase your product line, PLR material is a good choice. If you’d like to start a new website, PLR is a good choice because you can increase your site’s professional image by providing relevant content and articles and you can make the search engines really happy, especially when it’s not duplicate content.

When it comes to PLR material, be an educated buyer so you end up with what you’re expecting to get. For a start the license should enable you to change the content. If it doesn’t, then don’t buy it, otherwise you’ll fall victim to the dreaded duplicate content problem and it will eventually become worthless as other people use the same content.

If you’re allowed to change the content and present it as if you’re the author you could have something that’s of great value to you. Of course, how much value it is depends on the product’s quality. But if it’s good and you have the right to rewrite and resell then you can plop your name on it and start marketing as if it’s your own work. (here’s nothing wrong with this by the way, people have been using ghost writers for years.

I’ll let you into a little secret, most of the books I’ve published under a pseudonym on kindle were ghost written then extensively changed by myself as needed.

Two PLR Warnings

1. Having private label rights doesn’t mean you automatically own the product, you’ve only bought a license to rewrite and use as your own.

2. Having private label rights doesn’t always mean you can do what you want with the product when it comes to distribution. Read your licence terms carefully in case they are too restrictive for your use.

Writing fresh content can be extremely time consuming so PLR fills a huge gap by freeing up your time, it also saves a huge amount of money if you compare the cost to hiring a ghostwriter. For instance, I’ve bought PLR books in the past on a specific subject so I could use the basic content then rewritten it extensively.

Since creating a great deal of fresh content for a lot of websites is very time consuming PLR articles have become a popular alternative. It frees up your time since article writing is consuming, and it saves a great deal of money compared to hiring ghostwriters. While the PLR articles aren’t original content with the right to change the content you can quickly make these articles unique.

Buying PLR content is a strategy that you should consider seriously because Private label rights can lead to success with your online websites.

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