Here’s an all too common scenario, You sell a product and the next day or even a few minutes later the purchaser asks for a refund. Or you sell a product, but when you send emails to the buyer, they don’t remember who you are.

So here’s a simple idea to simultaneously help you with both of these problems.. 

Split your product up into 4 separate modules and deliver each one a week apart. This means you’re delivering your product over a 22 day period which is still well within a 30 day money back time frame. The first module goes out immediately, the second one goes out on day 8, the third on day 15 and the fourth on day 22.

This will hopefully reduce refunds because customers are waiting to get all of the material, and in the process they’ll tend to forget about asking for a refund because hopefully they are waiting for the next segment with bated breath..

And because they’re expecting your future releases, you’ll enjoy better name recognition from them, helping to ensure they open any future emails you may send them..

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