Do you sell tangible items? Or do you have a whole bunch of different information products to sell?

If so, pay attention because I’m going to show you how to sell 30-100% more on each sale and it’s much easier than you think.

This is all about human nature, because we buy a lot more of things if they are limited. So if we see a sign for instance that says, “Limit 3 or 4 per customer,” we are likely to buy more than if that limit wasn’t in place. It’s a scarcity tactic.

This is my husband to a tee. He likes Bacardi, but doesn’t like the expense of buying it at full price. A couple of our local supermarkets often knock up to a third off the price, but only allow you a maximum of 3 bottles. He will not only go to the supermarket and buy the three he’s allowed, but also nags me to go in and buy more. (He’s a marketer’s dream)..

This also works in pricing. For example, 10 for $10 will sell more items than simply saying the items are $1. It sounds a much better bargain.

So if you sell something tangible, try limiting the quantity customers can buy. And if you’ve got a slew of information products in the same niche, you might try pricing them for example at 3 for $29.99 rather than $10 each.

It really works, honestly….

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